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About us

Belonging happens before you believe just like in a natural good home.
You are nurtured proir to your beliefs even being formed in the natural world. The same is true for the spiritual world. We are called to be difference makers in the world by the way we love each other. Therefore we believe in Belonging first and creating a welcoming environment for others who may feel a little edgy about church. This is for those who have not been to church, or those who have been away from church for a while. As a result our gatherings are not just for those who have a church background but for all.

Believing is the next step in the process.
Rather than having rules and announciing them with an expectation of conformity, there is a different process. We allow people to ask questions and reflect with mentors so that they may have deep personal convictions with real experience rather than a learned doctrine. This process takes time and produces disciples rather than students with the "right answers." We believe this is where life begins.

Becoming is next.
Just as belonging produces believing, believing produces becoming. Personal beliefs begin to get outside as they are held deeply inside. Surface beliefs as a rule do not produce life change. Passionate personal convictions move out of a life because it simply cannot be contained as beliefs alone.

our TEAM:
Mike Tracy

Lead Pastor

Sherry Roby

Joy Groups / Financial Admin

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